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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Way Too Much Fun. Way.

Fun with yarn...  Possibly too much fun.  Am I ever feeling liberated by this!  I have eight new pieces of art all done with yarn and a needle for the show at Handmade House.  The more I make, the more I get excited about the next piece.  Not to say my threadpaintings don't excite me... but it's been four years and a couple hundred of them, so trying new methods of 'loosening up' and not working directly from source photos has been incredible.  It's working!  I had tried this a few years back but was not ready.  I had not studied enough landscapes like I can say I have now.  Now - it's like it is second nature.  It's just flowing.  Here's a mini redo inspired by of Where Sunlight Falls.

It's a little different than Where Sunlight Falls in that it doesn't have the extreme lights and darks.  I just played.  I enjoyed the colours and let them take me where they wanted to go.

My reaction - pure joy.  I love the movement and the life.  The colours just pop!  I really dig the texture.  Here is the finished piece close up.  I added bits of bronze into it.  It was a colour that ran through the yarns.  This seems to bring the whole thing to life and warms it up.  Makes it real.

In my excitement, this happened...




It's kind of IN YOUR FACE - but oh well.  It most certainly expresses my excitement of this process.

: )

More to come, then off to the framing store.

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Josette Guerin said...

j adore merci pour cette merveille vous etes douee couleur magnifique a bientot jojo

Angela said...

Gorgeous work!

Molly said...

just when we think we've figured out what's going on in that busy brain of yours....you go and switch it up again!

Terri said...

Your colors know just where to go! So pretty, Monika. Thanks for showing them.

elle said...

These make me sigh! :)

Lin said...

Beautiful. xx

Monica said...

Seriously, what a buzz I get from the pink and orange piece! Tons of energy there. I think it is so important to keep moving forward as an artist. Exciting stuff!

shirley said...

Kapow! is certainly the right word for all your work.

Lorette Cole said...

GORGEOUS!!! Congrats on finding that flow!! LOVE the Kapow!

HollyM said...

I love the rich colors and textures. It's especially nice to read and feel your joy and excitement in your artistic process.

Chantal Thibodeau said...

Hi. I just discover your blog. I really like the touch of bronze yarn. I'll add your blog to my reading list.

Shari said...

So, so, pretty!

Susan Being Snippy said...

It's been awhile since I visited your blog and this change is a surprise - a very good surprise! I think you are a natural and whatever technique you choose you will find the thing that pleases the eye! You are an artist!

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